Hair Restoration – 3 Things to Do and Avoid


Three Things To Do

1. Understand “Male Pattern Baldness.” Learn what Hair Restoration entails. It can begin in the late teens and early twenties. Men gradually lose their hair over the front, top, and crown of their head. A negative reaction happens to the hormone testosterone which results in gradual hair loss and the end of natural hair. Hair growing on the lower half of your head (back and sides) is not programmed to be affected and fall out. Therefore, that is the very hair that is used in restoration to permanently replace hair in areas that have thinned and become bald.

2. Learn about permanent hair loss treatments that are the best option. These options are surgical techniques which will lead to a permanent correction of male patterned baldness. Hair Transplant Chicago  Hair plugs is a technique known as follicular unit transplantation. It involves the removal of donor follicles from areas where hair is more permanent like the back of the head. Specialists must be trained in the surgical procedure used.

3. Know your budget. Financing may be available. Talk with others who have had the procedure and see if stemming hair loss and stimulating hair growth was worth the financial commitment.

Three Things Not to Do

1. Do not be unrealistic about the outcome of the restoration procedure. You will look better after hair replacement, and many have remarked on improvements in attitude and confidence. Those kinds of results don’t happen for everyone. Take advantage of any counseling sessions available before and following hair restoration.

2. Do not try to look the way you did in high school by asking for the same hairline. The hairline you had as a youth would not be age appropriate in an adult.

3. Do not part with your money for hair restoration unless you have answers to all of your questions. Make sure you are satisfied with answers and that you are positive that hair transplantation is the solution for you.

Jenn Stevens

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